Sustainable Products

Life span, quality and origin

There are many aspects of what constitutes a sustainable product. How it's done. What materials it consists of. Whether the raw materials must be taken directly from nature or if already existing material can be reused. The use of the finished product: Does it require a lot of energy, does it save energy or might it even generate energy? How long is the life span? And what happens to the product once it's worn out?


  • Halogen-free cables
    Since long, Nexans has chosen to invest in halogen-free cables. Those cables are safer than PVC cables, especially in case of fire, as halogen-free cables reduce black smoke. With better visibility and less harmful smoke, the chances of finding the way out increase.
    You can also save money by choosing halogen-free. In case of fire, you might avoid the harmful acids that PVC emits which damage machines, computers, electronics and equipment. 
  • Easy TM cables - for a better and easier everyday life for users
    Our EasyTM cables are halogen-free, talc-free and easy to scale. This contributes to a safer and better working environment for the user of our products.

  • Careful material selection and constructions
    Product development and improvement of our products is a constantly ongoing process. Higher quality creates better conditions for a longer service life when used.

    The materials we use meet the requirements set in regulations such as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals). The materials should be safe to use and be recyclable as much as possible. In addition, we also make sure to optimize the amount of material used in the cable.

  • Environmental assessment of products
    We provide environmental declaration for all products. In this way, our customers can ensure that the included materials comply with environmental requirements.

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