Energy - Sources and Efficiency

The electricity consumed at our head office and in our production facility in Sweden comes exclusively from renewable electricity. Nexans Group has also decided to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The productionis going to be carbon neutral by 2030.

  • The wood chip burner 
    We have replaced our old oil boiler with a wood chip burner that heats our premises in Grimsås. The wood chips come from old used cable drums that we can no longer repair and from disposable pallets.
  • Cooling water in our production heats our premises
    The hot plastic that comes out of the extruder (the syringe with the plastic mass enclosing the metal wires of the cable) must be cooled down immediately, which takes place in a closed cooling water system. When the plastic cools, the water heats up and is then passed on to our hot water pool, which is connected to a heat pump.
    The heat pump takes advantage of the heat in the water and can generate 1 megawatts of heat energy that is connected to the same heating system as our wood chip boiler.

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