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Power Networks

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New perspectives on distribution of power

Today's electricity mains often extend across and between entire continents.

Around the world, Nexans is a major supplier of power cables and accessories for medium and low voltage state power networks, distribution networks and private operators.

The power cable program covers everything from submarine cables for long distances to ground cables and overhead cables for land-based power networks. Cable types are available in versions for all operating conditions.


Electrical cables are exposed to widely varying operating conditions and to demanding environments. Manufacturing therefore requires extensive knowledge of materials, design and installation that is based on consistent research and development activities. For example, ground cable must be resistant to the many different conditions to which the cable is exposed during its lifetime such as variations in temperature, water, vibration from external influences, etc. The cable must also withstand high temperatures due to power loads and heat conditions in the ground.

In areas where earthquakes occur, or on bridges, it is also important that cables and terminations can withstand minor shakes and common vibrations. Nexans also produces high-tech cables such as certain types of umbilical cables used in offshore oil and gas fields. These cables conduct electricity, data and liquid.

In addition to being at the forefront of new materials and construction of distribution cable and electricity networks, Nexans is a leader in installation technology used in the toughest environments conceivable, such as on the seabed, in the air and in cramped urban environments.

Accessories are also key components in electricity networks and Nexans offers specially adapted connectors, terminations and connections that are developed in with user requests. Nexans offers a complete program with standard products and controls the logistics for delivery of turnkey projects worldwide.

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