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Smart cables for electric car charging, from small to large installations.

The number of electric cars continues to grow in Sweden and the demand for electric car chargers is growing. In connection with the expansion and the experience of it, the conditions and knowledge are constantly changing regarding what an installation should look like and which cables should be used for best results.


We at Nexans obviously want to be involved as a player and supplier of innovative cables in this area.

Almost a year ago we launched FQLQ Easy™ Control - the first Control Cable with both power and control function for charging boxes and charging posts. EQLQ Easy™ Control is already available, which can be used when installing a charging box. And the latest innovation we have developed is MXQ Easy™ Control. This makes our range of cables for electric car charging both unique and comprehensive. For a simpler everyday life.


In March 2020, there were 112,000 rechargeable cars (in March 2019, there were about 80,000). Growth is currently 51% on an annual basis. The forecast shows that by 2030 there will be 2.5 million rechargeable vehicles in Sweden. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is in full swing, with now over 10,000 publicly registered charging points at a total of 2,164 charging stations in the country. The need for the construction of efficient charging systems between charging stations and charging posts applies to villas and multi-family homes as well as companies, shopping centers, public car parks, etc., which must be taken into account for future charging needs.

On 15 May 2020, a new law was introduced regarding requirements for charging stations for residential buildings and premises. Initially, new construction of homes and major renovations are covered. With more than ten parking spaces, there must be ducts for electrical cables, so-called empty pipes, to all parking spaces.

When new car parks are built, or major renovations are made other than homes, such as offices, parking garages or shopping centers, there must be ducts for electrical cables, so-called empty pipes, to every fifth parking space and a physical charging station. If there are more than 20 parking spaces, the requirement is that there is at least one charging station. The requirement will apply to all car parks and not only for new construction or renovations. The requirements will take effect on January 1, 2025. We estimate that, in 10 years, there will be about 2 million electric cars in Sweden and as many charging points. 

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