FXQ Easy™ 1 kV

FXQ Easy video

FXQ Easy™ 1 kV 1.5-16 mm²

Designed for easeier and safer work

Rillor_fiAlign, bend and pull: this innovation makes cable stripping easy. A white layer under the sheath prevents you from cutting too deep. Then the sheath can easily be pulled off as with installation cables.


  • Easy to strip and bend
  • Working is easier and safer thanks to longitudinal ridges under the sheath.
    • Lower risk of damage to the conductors when removing the sheath
    • Easier to strip due to low friction
    • Lower risk of cutting damage
    • Better mechanical properties, such as shock-absorbing effect
  • Designed and patented by Nexans
  • Tested and approved according to the Finnish standard


 Easy illustration 1 med ram  Easy illustration 2 med ram  Easy illustration 3 med ram  Easy illustration 4 med ram
1. Cut around the cable
(not lengthwise)
until you can see
the white layer.
2. Grab the cable firmly and bend the sheath. 3. Pull the cable sheath off; the ridges make it easy. 4. The cable, stripped and ready.