Energy efficiency solutions

Optimize your energy efficiency thanks to Nexans EcoCalculator

Energy efficiency solutions
The Nexans EcoCalculator will help you optimize cable sizing according to Energy savings and Co2 emissions during the time of usage of the cables once installed.

The EcoCalculator is an online application which determines the possible savings using a cable with a bigger cross section. This tool enables customers to easily calculate the energy savings they can get from their electrical installation.

The savings could be really interesting with a ROI around one or two years for the use of a superior cross section. These savings are estimated according to the three pillars of the sustainable development:

Save CO2
  • Environment: results are presented in terms of savings in KWh and their equivalent in CO2 footprint.
Save Energy
  • Economy: Including the price of all cables and the cost of electricity, a time in Return On Investment can be calculated. The ROI is based on the difference in price and electrical losses between a standard cross section and a bigger one.
Protect life
  • Safety: an alternative solution with halogen free cable is automatically given when available.