Control cables

Control cables

  • Flexible shielded cables (2 to 100 cores) are used to carry energy (300V to 1kV) and low frequency signals to control the motor drive or the generator for breaking, positioning or optimizing rotor RPMs.
  • Special sheathing is available for ultra-low temperatures, while smaller LIHCH cables are halogen-free.

Our torsion- and oil-resistant cables are designed to last for 20 years and more.


These cables are part of our Windlink® solutions designed by Nexans to respond the very demanding expectations of the wind turbine market.

Related products and solutions

Control and command cables
Industrial cabling/Machinery cables

These cables are used for fixed installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility and a small bending radius is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moving, these cables are most suitable.

Control cables are part of the product range for industry automation. Following the Marked trend regarding more and more special requirements Nexans can also offer  halogen free control cables with a special fire performance. RHEYFLEX® control cables are adapted to environmental conditions and can be supplied in different designs.