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Nexans expertise supports your network’s evolution

boatOnshore and offshore, Nexans has the expertise to interconnect large wind turbines and complete wind farms to local or distant grids. For medium and high-voltage cables, we oversee complete installation, from initial pre-qualification, design, customized production, logistics, installation, topside termination, testing and pre-commissioning. This includes all accessories as well, a key element in any failsafe energy network.

Offshore, we supply and lay MV subsea cables between wind turbines and the transformer platform, and also the MV or HV link to the onshore substation. We also provide terminations on wind turbines and transformer platforms. Onshore we provide underground cables and all necessary terminations. We have a full range of transmission and distribution cables and bare overhead conductors to feed local power production into the grids.

Not only do we provide a full range of energy cables, conductors and services, we are also experts in the telecommunications infrastructure needed to manage windparks, including control and data cables, copper and fiber Local Area Networks.


Innovative technologies:

  • World supplier of underground cables, submarine cables, overhead conductors and data/telecom systems
  • Close partnership with developers, power utilities, installers and contractors
  • Mastery of maritime conditions based on oil & gas submarine energy and telecom cabling experience
  • Unsurpassed onshore and offshore installation and topside termination experience using advanced equipment, special software for overhead lines, and dynamic cable solutions
  • Complete range of accessories: separable connectors, coldshrinkable and heatshrinkable joints and terminations for various types of cable

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